Sunday, 23 March 2014


Wildernest is a walkabout tidal garden on the west shore of Morecambe Bay, below John and Sue's wooden eco house on stilts. Somewhat ravaged by a couple of recent storm surges the beach is now recovering, in time to plan the installation of a series of sculptural installations in the coming year - using and celebrating stone, wood, water and wind.

No, it's not the Baycliff Heliport - it's THE POD - the annexe for guest artists. Located on a new deck built and photographed by Dave Conway, on the sheltered side of the Beach House. Also the site for out Sunset Tequila Bar .....

             email us on  if you want to hear about the Wildernest programme of courses, workshops and gatherings.               PS artists in residence must be less than 7 feet tall.

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