Friday, 11 April 2014


Getting ready for our Family Walk and Beach Art Day on Saturday 26th April for Ulverston WalkFest.

So much plastic litter landed up on the beach after the 2 storm surges in December and January. We are still tidying up. Decided to transform some of the colourful wreckage into assemblages and figures with the trusty glue gun, and this week began to install them on the foreshore, creating a children's garden.


for more info on how to get involved on the 26th, email us on

Friday, 4 April 2014


Walking in winter on Gozo, the tiny windswept island SW of Sicily.
Lovely people, industrious and practical, living in austere stone houses in dry dusty streets.

I was intrigued by the designs on the net curtains in their front windows - poetic, lyrical, uncharacteristically sentimental. Maybe longing for an exotic view from their window or whispering dreams of an unattainable domestic life.