Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Maintaining the momentum. One way or another.

We have done a lot since our last blog on 7 Feb. Too busy to blog.

1. Took down our "After the Storm" very popular arboreal cloister. - www.deadgoodguides.com -on the Falkland Estate in Fife, Scotland. Many local people wanted it to stay but we had already gave it a month extra than planned and it was starting to look tatty.  I am developing a theory that if people are not given the space and opportunity to make art for themselves they are bound to want to hang on whatever stimulating art they come across.

We artists are very privileged to know that we have the experience and skill and temerity to  go on to make something else new. We always have and we always will. That's a big gift.

2. Did a five day recce in Co Mayo in Eire in Ballycroy for our next work " I Could Read the Sky"to be developed with local artists over a three week residency in March and April. Unless a local funeral or a match intrude the climactic days will be 13th and 14th April inside and outside  the Ballycroy Visitor Centre. It will be walkabout symphony of flying colours, wind sculptures and sounds amazing.

3. Check out "Firecrane" the newsprint broadsheet of poetry and stuff  published  by New Writing Cumbria. Soon to be on line. There is a diary entry in there about our Beach House which is also to be featured on BBC2 at 18.30 on Thursday 7th March in a programme called "The British Winter."

4. Saw and definitely heard the wildly excellent Hot 8 Brass Band from New Orleans stomping hard in the Forum in Barrow in Furness. As it wasn't a club and there was minimal dancing space and 75% of the audience were wrinkly greyheads like us, sitting at "cabaret tables" they were a bit out of their comfort zone. Bit irritating when  they bottled  for more money though with "Another member of the band called Fillup." ( a bucket they passed round the audience ) After we had just paid £12.50 a ticket with no concessions and a full price each for three children (one of them 4 years old.) " We don't work for fun." they said.  Salutary!  Back to our own huge luck and privilege again I guess. I certainly wouldn't like to live on a minimal income in New Orleans.

John Fox