Monday, 7 September 2015


One year on and the first landing is complete.

WILDERNEST  2014 to 2015-

A sanctuary where mythic iconography and rhubarb both grow well.
And poster poems paper the sea lanes. 

Under the eyes of the recalcitrant wolf woven in willow, and the ice age elk, 
a wheel of tin cans spins at the top of the waterfall. 

Above the new jetty and stone ballroom, spindle-vanes sway on high oak poles revealing a white hare and deer escaping fire. Whirlygig oystercatchers and corncrakes stand to for the next storm surge. 

The subtle ghost of a longship burial with Odin's figurehead dragon articulates the site 
and suggest the tips of deep rooted stories. A life raft unfolds. 

The iron firepit remains solid.
Rumour traces of immersive arts workshops, morning sound walks, 
evening gatherings with feasting, music, shadow theatre 
and Sicilian guests dancing late under the stars.  

Artists: Martin Brockman, Duncan Copley, John Fox, Jamie Proud, Bob Fisher, Dan Fox and Hannah Fox with civil engineer Peter Wilshaw and Martin Gooding, Richard Redwin and Daniel Higgs.
Project Management: Sue Gill with John Fox.