Thursday, 7 February 2013

Back again.

Thursday 7 February 2012

We are back after a holiday and writing break. Not a lot to report except to say that distance and time away from computers, e mails, blogging and twittering has confirmed our view that such potential addictions can be all consuming, forcing  us to live in top of the head instant communication rather than in more considered and maybe poetic spaces. Obvious really. But we are going to watch it from now on.

We are off to Scotland this coming weekend  to take down our "After the Storm" arboreal cloister in Falkland Fife. Extended through  public demand for another 6 weeks it  has been a big and rather unexpected success . Loads of info about it on our website:

Next big trip for DEAD GOOD GUIDES is to Co Mayo where we have been invited back to explore possiblities of creating wonders in the Ballycroy National Park. A bit remote and boggy there but looking forward to explorations with many of the brilliant Irish artists we met a few years ago. Reconnaissance 15th-20th February. Residency 23rd March -16th April.