Saturday, 28 February 2015


LEARNING the ROPES environmental arts workshop 18 - 21 May.

We are delighted to welcome Phillips Snell of Wild Arts as our Production Assistant for the workshop. 
She is the recipient of an ACE bursary for an emerging artist to participate in the WILDERNEST programme here at the Beach House. 

LEARNING the ROPES will be a re-examination of the principles of creating art in a context that unites the everyday and the larger rhythms of nature, the tides and the seasons. Space to re-balance and exchange skills.  JUST ONE LAST PLACE LEFT!      Stay in a stunning cottage right on the beach overlooking Morecambe Bay. Start your day with a 10 minute walk along the cobbled shoreline to the Beach House, home, studio and workspace of John Fox and Sue Gill. 

"It seems entirely likely that if the last wolf is to return anywhere then it will be here at the Beach House where art and life are carefully synchronised." Dee Heddon, Prof of Theatre Studies, University of Glasgow

Monday, 2 February 2015


Filling the gap between image 4 and image 6 - here it is, Mr Punch astride the skeleton of a prehistoric elk - the last of the collection finally to be mounted on the wall alongside the path down to the beach. Plenty of comments from passers by.

Our local astronomer from the village, with an observatory in his garden, walks his 2 dogs every day past the Beach House.
"Do you know Holbein's painting of The Ambassadors? Same content. You've hit the button," he said.
We didn't know it and had to look it up.
John replied that he is trying to make images that communicate and are not sentimental.
"That's not in the least sentimental," came the reply.

Then Lily, a neighbour. "I've been looking at your pictures. Very ritualistic. They're pagan, not C of E! Elemental I'd say."

These images are more than a metre high. John is producing A4 size prints in the studio on exquisite archival paper for people with smaller walls to hang them on.