Monday, 11 August 2014


The Ghost Elk has survived ex-hurricane Bertha. Installed by artist Martin Brockman as the first part of the Wildernest Project  - a growing sculpture garden in this elemental landscape located here below the Beach House. Four artists' commissions using wood, stone, water and wind to create four temporary installations, made possible by funding from the Arts Council.

We are averaging 500 visitors a month. Some stumble across the work accidentally, others are driven by curiosity and fascination to search for almost a mile heading south along the cobbled shoreline from Sea Wood car park [where they spot the sign announcing the hazel herd on the beach]. The rumour is out. Once discovered, they linger, take photos, read the panel about the mythology then turn and walk back to their cars.

Responses range from " As I saw it I immediately thought WARHORSE!"
to " I like the baby one best".


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